Official Token of Astra Checkout Systems

What Do We Do?

We want to blur the line between the merchants and ordinary consumers. We will popularize the e-commerce checkouts with cryptocurrency by providing a commission free checkout system with our token official token $ASTRA, and hence helping people understand and confide what we believe to be the future of money.


Token Allocation


Funds Allocation


Token Allocation Summary

Presale - 600.000.000.000 60%
Liquidity - 20%
Marketing - 17%
Team/Development - 3%

Astra Global Expansion

Astra provides a fast, simple and quick means of payment with cryptocurrencies, even faster and safer than checking out with a credit card.

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Benefits for Everyone

Astra Checkout System allows merchants all across the globe accept cryptocurrencies as a payment.

$ASTRA holders benefit from appreciation in currency as checkouts with $ASTRA doesn't subject to any commission fee by Astra Checkout System. This feature will provide an upward pressure in price of the token benefiting the early holders with capital gains.



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • July 2021

    Release of the Whitepaper
    Launch of Website

  • August 2021

    Launch on PCS
    Listing on CMC and CG

  • September 2021

    Big Marketing Campaigns
    Listing on an Initial CEX

  • October 2021

    Launch of $ASTRA Staking
    Listing on More Major CEXs

  • November 2021

    Launch of the beta version of Astra Checkout System

  • December 2021

    Integration of the System to Our Major Partner’s Sites

  • 2022

    Launch of Astra Dropshipping and E-commerce Websites


Investors can directly attend to $ASTRA presale which will be held on our website on 7th of August 2021, 14.00 UTC.

$ASTRA is the official token of Astra Checkout System which provides substantial benefits to it’s future holders.

Investors will be receiving their tokens automatically after presale finishes. Investors don’t need to do anything to claim the tokens. Tokens will be directly transferred to their Web3 (MetaMask/TrustWallet) wallet.

0.1 BNB minimum – 5 BNB maximum per wallet at presale. There is no restrictions after presale.

The team is currently working on a in-house staking platform where holders can stake $ASTRA and earn some interest. However, the rates are yet to be decided.

Holders of $ASTRA tokens won’t be paying any commissions when checking out with Astra Checkout System. Hence, this will provide an upward pressure in price of the token benefiting the early holders with capital gains.

$ASTRA will be listed on PancakeSwap after launch. The team will be on talks with major Central Exchanges (CEXs) after launch to get token listed on those exchanges.

No, token presale will be on our website and we will be accepting BNB which investors can directly deposit by using their Web3 (Metamask, TrustWallet) wallet. After launch our tokens will be listed PancakeSwap.

You can store your $ASTRA tokens in any Web3 based wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

No, actually we want everybody to own $ASTRA. So, as a whale protection measure we only allow a wallet to hold maximum of 1% of the supply.